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    A walk-through demo of the Platform. Please note that the system is not yet live - see below:


The Bishop’s Castle Interactive Rural Community Learning Resource (BCIRCLR) is designed to become the virtual community hub for Bishop’s Castle. It was funded through a grant from the Cameron Grant Memorial Trust to support community mental health and wellbeing. Our work with student nurses from Otago Poly in New Zealand highlighted some of the wellbeing issues our community faces and such issues have been magnified due to the negative effects of the Covid pandemic and lockdowns.

The tool we have chosen for this development is Moodle. This is a very well-established open source platform used by universities and schools around the world. It was first developed in the 1970s and has a worldwide support community and an ever growing range of tools and functions we can draw on. Being open source it is a highly sustainable route for us to take.

The system is hosted at It is still in its development phase. The content developed so far has be purely to demonstrate proof of concept and to  engage with community leaders so that they might help to develop a live version.

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Keith Whiddon - December 2021